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YRD (Yasser Rashed Designs ) is an interior design,decoration and architectural Office founded in 1996 based in Cairo, Egypt.

We designed implemented finishes and supplied furniture for many types of projects administrative, commercial,residential recreational and educational 
All the time we seek simplicity and elegance in our designs.
We consider our clients' needs as guide lines for us to create innovative solutions.
We present an integrated service to our clients starting from design sketches to reach the final touches.


Designing spaces that enable individuals and companies to get all or some of the followings:
Comfort - Beauty - luxury - Image - High performance - High return of investment - Pleasure, Via:
Well understanding of their needs and desires -Talent - Innovation - Detailing - Professionalism - Exceeding their expectations.


We believe in the followings:
Client's satisfaction - Right company's people are our most important asset - Understanding - Teamwork - Continuous improvement.


To make YASSER RASHED DESIGNS a trusted brand name of interior design in the domestic and global market.



Yasser Rashed studied architecture at Cairo university and graduated in 1994.
He established his private office for architectural design in 1996.
In 2005 he turned into interior design where he discovered his potentials in this field which were enhanced by studying Interior Design in the British College Of Interior Design – UK.
He was influenced by the principle "LESS IS MORE" of the famous architect Mies Van der Rohe.
He thinks that beauty comes from the function and the simplicity.
Yasser Rashed still has a lot to present in the interior design world.

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